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SEO Austin – Why does it take so long to work?

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So many WordPress SEO digital marketing companies in Austin and elsewhere promise fast results, first page rankings, etc. etc. etc. Anybody who tells you those things is a scammer. Full stop. Period!

SEO Austin – Why does it take so long?

Excellent WordPress SEO work is a digital marketing investment that takes time and creativity, and is not a “wash and repeat” checklist effort. Effective SEO requires constant analysis, consistent ongoing effort, and an agile attitude. Client involvement in digital marketing is critical, as content creation is a key part of SEO work. If you work with HS Creative on your SEO, we will coordinate with you to develop strategies and create content that fits your company’s voice and yields measurable results.

Why does it take so long to see results from Austin SEO digital marketing?

Google, Bing and other search engines algorithms are constantly changing. We have many strategies that we use to get them to respond quickly to the changes and improvements we make on your site, but no SEO company can control the speed by which the engines respond. Some things that can affect the timing of your SEO results can include:

  • How long your domain has been registered
  • How long your website has been in existence can take longer to gain “cred” (redesigning an existing site is usually better than launching a new site with a different domain)
  • How long your business has been going
  • Where else your business is linked / featured/ listed online
  • How competitive your keywords goals are
  • The density and quality of your competition
  • Your geotargeting goals
  • The past health of your site (were you ever hacked? Was your site poorly built? these damage your site’s reputation and can take time to repair / regain the confidence of the search engines)
  • Have you been in non-compliance in the past?
  • Is your site mobile friendly and responsive?
  • Cross-browser compliance
  • Image optimization
  • The quality and relevance of your content
  • Metatag and xml sitemap health
  • Is your site download speed optimal?

There are countless additional factors that can effect how long your SEO will take to see measurable results, these are just a few! Give us a call, we are happy to audit your site and give you our recommendations.

Remember… SEO results take time

SEO digital marketing results are not instant. SEO Austin is a long term investment. The goal of course is to improve your website’s search engine rankings so you can rely on organic (free!) traffic to your website and subsequently reduce your paid ad spends. It is important to remember that this process is a marathon, not a sprint.

It can take many months for the search engines to start rewarding your site with improved rankings, especially if your site is new or does not have many pages to begin with. Be prepared! You may not see any differences for quite a while. Results are not guaranteed, and the timing for your investment to begin paying off is not easily predicted.

With that said, rest assured that your investment is a wise one – our track record speaks for itself! If you consistently follow the strategies produced during this process, with time we are confident that you WILL achieve your SEO goals!

SEO services austin
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Digital marketing Austin you own the car – we just borrow the keys!

By SEO, Web Design, WordPress

Sadly, I can’t even count the number of clients that have come to me not knowing their own username and passwords to log into their domain registrar, web hosting, you name it.

It’s an unfortunate reality that there are a ridiculous number of digital marketing “experts” experts and even established firms that somehow convince their clients that they should hold the keys to your kingdom. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Digital marketing Austin companies shouldn’t own your accounts!

There is absolutely no reason that you shouldn’t own every single account associated with your business. Your website, Google analytics, PPC Google ads, Facebook ads, social media accounts, you name it. It should all be yours!

It’s easy enough to provide administrative access to a digital marketing firm or a consultant that is managing your campaigns or website, but there’s absolutely no reason for them to own these accounts.

Our philosophy has always been that the client owns the car, we only drive it when you give us the spare keys!

Have you been burned by digital marketing companies who hold your accounts hostage?

If the answer is yes, don’t feel bad! You’re FAR from alone.

ACCESS AND OWNERSHIP – all accounts and content should belong to you!

Social media and ppc ad digital marketing accounts, Google analytics and other digital marketing tools are your property.

Instead of using our accounts, we will help you set up your own – and then show you how to invite HS Creative as a guest administrator so we can manage them on your behalf. This access can be revoked by you at any time.

We believe strongly that nobody but your company should ever “own” anything that has to do with your digital marketing, whether that is managing your website, hosting, domain, and ad campaigns. Any content that we generate on your behalf belongs to you.

You will always retain control of all your accounts and content, logins and passwords, period. Have somebody telling you different? Ditch them, fast!

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SEO Austin – What’s Involved?

By SEO, Web Design, WordPress

SEO Austin – What’s involved?

The SEO work we do for our clients here in Austin Texas is custom designed for each business. One size definitely does not fit all! Here is a list of just some of the items that we will take care of for you if you decide to work with us on your Austin SEO.

 SEO Austin work can include:

– Competitor research & monitoring

– Keyword & key phrase research & strategy

– Geographic targeting

– Link building strategies

– Link monitoring & management (broken links, “toxic” backlinks, etc)

– Site performance – speed checks & ongoing optimization

– Mobile responsivity and browser compliance

– External listing monitoring / alerts

– Sitewide metag maintenance

– XML sitemap & indexing maintenance

– Content editing & management

– Original content creation / guidance (coordinate with Client for new content – blogs will be important!)

– Landing page construction & maintenance

– Google listing monitoring

– Blog strategy & creation

– Image creation, optimization & insertion

– Ongoing consulting & strategy in cooperation with Client (be prepared – we will give you homework!)

SEO Austin Reports, analysis & strategy

We don’t waste your time with basic SEO checklists that are a bunch of obvious fluff. Rather, we concentrate on providing our clients with easily understood SEO Austin reports that accurately reflect what’s going on with your digital marketing efforts.

Included in your agreement:

– Monthly 20 minute Zoom / Google Meeting to touch base, address questions, plan for the upcoming month

– Quarterly performance reports, with strategy recommendations

– Quarterly 45 minute Zoom / Google Meeting to review reports and discuss strategy for upcoming quarter

Content is king when it comes to SEO!

A key aspect to an effective Austin SEO strategy is consistently creating and posting original, relevant content.  We will be asking you to help us by providing us with content that we can edit, adjust and use as part of our ongoing SEO Austin efforts.

Give us a shout! We’d love to help with your Austin SEO work.

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Is Your Site Mobile Friendly? Not sure? Here is how you check!

By SEO, Web Design, WordPress

Is your website mobile friendly? The majority of users coming to your site are likely on a mobile device, and if your website isn’t mobile friendly you could be losing business simply because the site doesn’t work properly. We have all experienced it, you visit a site on your phone and you have to scroll then tap and zoom just to be able to read the text.

Every website we produce here at HS Creative is optimized to work seamlessly on mobile devices.  While using a separate mobile friendly version is an option, we generally advise against this as it can lead to content inconsistencies, along with duplicate content that can hurt your search engine optimization (SEO).  In our experience it’s far better to build your site mobile friendly from the start, saving you a lot of time and headaches in the long run!

If you are not sure if your website is mobile-friendly, Google has a great tool to check your site called the Mobile Friendly Test.

Should I update my Austin WordPress website?

By SEO, Web Design, WordPress

We hear it almost every time we speak with a new client in Austin – “Should I update my Austin WordPress website?”

If you’ve been asking yourself that question, then the answer is probably yes. But that doesn’t mean a big financial investment! Many people in Austin think that means a complete WordPress rebuild, but usually it’s just a matter of modernizing and updating what is already there.

Yes, your Austin WordPress website works. People can find it, and it has the important information. But does it perform in search engines? Is it mobile friendly? Is it reliable? Even if the answers to all of those questions are yes, it’s still worth looking at redesigning your site if it hasn’t been updated in more than a few years.

It’s less expensive than many assume to overhaul and update a site. We have updated many websites in the space of two days, for thousands less than the company owner thought it would be!

Visual Austin Website Appeal

People are becoming more and more savvy when it comes to online interactions. Visitors can easily tell if a website is old. Having an outdated website design tells visitors that the company doesn’t keep up with the times, and reflects poorly on the brand.

Digital Marketing Austin

Austin digital marketing is central to virtually every company’s health and growth, and the Austin small business company website is at the center of it all. In fact, every marketing a company makes leads to the Austin website. If a site isn’t supporting marketing campaigns, those campaigns won’t perform as well as they could.

Website Security

Automated hackers can easily deposit code on older sites, even those from last year. Sometimes it’s not evident that your site has been hacked as they install unseen code that works for them unseen – masking for spam, false identities for fraud, your site can be utilized by criminals around the world if it is not secure. It’s critical to update your site regularly in order to foil these hackers and bots!

Austin SEO

Search engines are constantly updating their algorithms to prioritize the best websites for internet users. An Austin WordPress website that is top ranked today can plunge tomorrow, if it’s not updated to meet current standards. For instance – sites that are not fully mobile friendly and touch-screen ready are being flagged and dropped at an increasing rate.

Website Load Times

Code updates can increase the load time of older sites, which results in a poor user experience and will drop a website’s SEO rankings. It’s important to regularly update websites to keep up with code standards and ensure an optimal load time.

There are many more reasons to consider when deciding when to upgrade or update your website. Call us today for your complimentary Austin digital marketing consultation to find out where your Austin WordPress site stands! 512-412-2967

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