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Facing Facebook in Small Business Digital Marketing Austin

By Graphic Design, Social Media, Web Design

Behind every Facebook user there is a story. Each is keeping a personal journal of sorts, marking events in their life and passing the time with friends as they browse their timeline on their laptop.

Successful Austin Digital Marketing with Facebook

Facebook is the success it is because it is a personal journey that each person can make their own. Your business Facebook presence is a part of this story. The trick is to make your posts just personal enough to fit in each user’s timeline without feeling too commercial, while keeping it surface enough to not intrude on their real life friendships. There’s nothing stranger than seeing a commercial Facebook account that seems like it’s trying to be everybody’s best friend in real life.

One of the ways I’ve found this can be done is to identify what it is about your company that made your followers “like” you in the first place. A strong brand presence is key, so they know who you are at a glance. A concise message, always – that’s marketing 101. But in most classic marketing materials, the personal connection is either forgotten or overlooked.

When does Facebook work for small businesses in Austin Digital Marketing?

If an Austin digital marketing visitor clicked like for your company, it’s usually because of one of two scenarios:

1) They have visited your shop, tried your product or service and had a positive experience


2) One of their friends recommended you

Either way there is a similar bar to overcome – they are giving you a chance to provide them another positive experience in their personal Facebook timeline, one that is pleasant enough to remind them to support your store or product in the future.

Posting what your Austin Texas store is doing that day or if you’re closing early on Thursday isn’t enough. Facebook users are looking for an emotional connection – you’ll notice on your own timeline the most “likes” are heaped on the posts that elicit an out-loud emotion. Laughter, tears and joy are three of the ovbious ones.

When something fabulous happens for you and your Austin TX business, POST IT!
If you landed a big account or a new distribution deal – share that with your fans! They love to share in your success, and feel the emotional boost that you got when you opened that letter or got that phone call.

Post lots of funny things that are connected with your business
If you’re a taco joint, post that it’s National Taco Day! Run a special on Pirate Day and post a picture of yourself wearing an eye patch with a parrot photoshopped on your shoulder, eating a taco. Your fans love to see you having fun at your place of business, because if somebody’s having fun it means they’re doing well and prospering.

Include some personal tidbits
Without oversharing, include some personal tidbits that serve to remind your fans that your business is homegrown and locally owned. When your in-laws come to town and have dinner at your restaurant, that’s the perfect opportunity to both make it personal and poke a little fun. “Even my in-laws love it here!”

When all else fails – pop culture makes it fun
When it’s a slow news day, simply go for an easy laugh. Photoshop a puppy holding your product and exclaiming out loud about it. Puppy and kitten pictures are the fuel of the internet – without them we would all perish.

Have fun with your Austin digital marketing!

Above all, have fun with your Facebook feed and your customers will feel it! That happy, feel-good connection is what will keep bringing them back again and again, and remind them to recommend you to their friends.

Happy Facebooking!

facebook austin management
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The Keystone of Austin Digital Marketing

By Graphic Design, Social Media, Web Design

When it comes top Austin digital marketing, there is a focal point you should be aware of as a small business owner. Just as the keystone is the most important piece of a bridge, a well-branded website is the centerpiece of your marketing.

The Austin Digital Marketing Bridge

Think of your marketing platform as a bridge across which visitors must cross. Every step should feel solid and inviting and related to each other (BRANDING!), otherwise the traveler will feel uncomfortable and turn right around. If you are successful in enticing them the entire length of the span, you are rewarded with an engaged new lead – and your visitor is rewarded with the feeling that they are dealing with a professional company that has everything tightly in place.

Your Austin WordPress Website is Key

As evidenced by rising per click rates in online advertising, websites are the number one lead capture tool of virtually every marketing platform.

Every piece of outreach a company publishes or distributes points (or SHOULD point!) to the website – and when visitors arrive, they should be faced with a familiar interface that they were already introduced to by the marketing materials through which they were initially engaged. A well branded company can be recognized at a glance wherever you see them.

Whether your initial contact with your target audience is achieved through advertising in a magazine, a Google AdWords campaign, a Facebook or other social media push, local newspaper mentions or door to door flyer distribution, your website is the landing place where your lead will be captured. Most people check out a company’s website before picking up the phone and calling or otherwise reaching out, to make sure they FEEL good about exposing themselves. The site needs to speak clearly to keep that visitor engaged. After they took the time to actually check out your site, don’t lose them there!

Branding, then Website, then Everything Else Austin Digital Marketing!

I have had clients come to me who have spent tens of thousands on advertising campaigns and are perplexed why they are not attaining a better ROI. More times than I can count, these clients have a website that was not professionally designed.

Once your brand identity is firmly in place, invest in a well designed, professional site with tightly edited content and engaging graphics, complete with analytics so you can further refine over time in response to visitor behavior. THEN and ONLY THEN start driving traffic. Doing otherwise is a waste of marketing dollars! Once you have your foundation firmly in place, you’ll see better conversion rates and a rise in business as visitors start crossing your bridge.

austin digital marketing texas

How to Cherry Pick Your Digital Marketing Austin Customers

By Graphic Design, Social Media, Web Design

When it comes to finding potential Austin customers on social media, you have all the freedom in the world to pick and choose.

By selecting hash tags and writing content that appeals to a certain type of Austin customer who is looking for a service, you can position your small business Austin digital marketing to be found by exactly the type of Texas customer you are looking for.

Small Businesses in Austin using Digital Marketing Strategy

For instance, say you’re a cupcake bakery. You do a lot of business with your “Mom” customers, who come to buy cute cupcakes for their kids’ birthday parties and other entertaining.

By writing Twitter and Facebook posts about how to throw a great party, feature moms in action and lots of cute kids eating your cupcakes you will appeal directly to the customers who will not only buy your goods, but will spread the word about your business to their friends and family – which, after all, is exactly what you’re looking to do with your social media.

So for delicious results with your Austin social media, indulge your favorite audience with exactly what they come to your business for!

Happy Marketing!

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