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SEO Austin – Why does it take so long to work?

By SEO, Web Design, WordPress

So many WordPress SEO digital marketing companies in Austin and elsewhere promise fast results, first page rankings, etc. etc. etc. Anybody who tells you those things is a scammer. Full stop. Period!

SEO Austin – Why does it take so long?

Excellent WordPress SEO work is a digital marketing investment that takes time and creativity, and is not a “wash and repeat” checklist effort. Effective SEO requires constant analysis, consistent ongoing effort, and an agile attitude. Client involvement in digital marketing is critical, as content creation is a key part of SEO work. If you work with HS Creative on your SEO, we will coordinate with you to develop strategies and create content that fits your company’s voice and yields measurable results.

Why does it take so long to see results from Austin SEO digital marketing?

Google, Bing and other search engines algorithms are constantly changing. We have many strategies that we use to get them to respond quickly to the changes and improvements we make on your site, but no SEO company can control the speed by which the engines respond. Some things that can affect the timing of your SEO results can include:

  • How long your domain has been registered
  • How long your website has been in existence can take longer to gain “cred” (redesigning an existing site is usually better than launching a new site with a different domain)
  • How long your business has been going
  • Where else your business is linked / featured/ listed online
  • How competitive your keywords goals are
  • The density and quality of your competition
  • Your geotargeting goals
  • The past health of your site (were you ever hacked? Was your site poorly built? these damage your site’s reputation and can take time to repair / regain the confidence of the search engines)
  • Have you been in non-compliance in the past?
  • Is your site mobile friendly and responsive?
  • Cross-browser compliance
  • Image optimization
  • The quality and relevance of your content
  • Metatag and xml sitemap health
  • Is your site download speed optimal?

There are countless additional factors that can effect how long your SEO will take to see measurable results, these are just a few! Give us a call, we are happy to audit your site and give you our recommendations.

Remember… SEO results take time

SEO digital marketing results are not instant. SEO Austin is a long term investment. The goal of course is to improve your website’s search engine rankings so you can rely on organic (free!) traffic to your website and subsequently reduce your paid ad spends. It is important to remember that this process is a marathon, not a sprint.

It can take many months for the search engines to start rewarding your site with improved rankings, especially if your site is new or does not have many pages to begin with. Be prepared! You may not see any differences for quite a while. Results are not guaranteed, and the timing for your investment to begin paying off is not easily predicted.

With that said, rest assured that your investment is a wise one – our track record speaks for itself! If you consistently follow the strategies produced during this process, with time we are confident that you WILL achieve your SEO goals!

SEO services austin
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Digital marketing Austin you own the car – we just borrow the keys!

By SEO, Web Design, WordPress

Sadly, I can’t even count the number of clients that have come to me not knowing their own username and passwords to log into their domain registrar, web hosting, you name it.

It’s an unfortunate reality that there are a ridiculous number of digital marketing “experts” experts and even established firms that somehow convince their clients that they should hold the keys to your kingdom. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Digital marketing Austin companies shouldn’t own your accounts!

There is absolutely no reason that you shouldn’t own every single account associated with your business. Your website, Google analytics, PPC Google ads, Facebook ads, social media accounts, you name it. It should all be yours!

It’s easy enough to provide administrative access to a digital marketing firm or a consultant that is managing your campaigns or website, but there’s absolutely no reason for them to own these accounts.

Our philosophy has always been that the client owns the car, we only drive it when you give us the spare keys!

Have you been burned by digital marketing companies who hold your accounts hostage?

If the answer is yes, don’t feel bad! You’re FAR from alone.

ACCESS AND OWNERSHIP – all accounts and content should belong to you!

Social media and ppc ad digital marketing accounts, Google analytics and other digital marketing tools are your property.

Instead of using our accounts, we will help you set up your own – and then show you how to invite HS Creative as a guest administrator so we can manage them on your behalf. This access can be revoked by you at any time.

We believe strongly that nobody but your company should ever “own” anything that has to do with your digital marketing, whether that is managing your website, hosting, domain, and ad campaigns. Any content that we generate on your behalf belongs to you.

You will always retain control of all your accounts and content, logins and passwords, period. Have somebody telling you different? Ditch them, fast!

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SEO Austin – What’s Involved?

By SEO, Web Design, WordPress

SEO Austin – What’s involved?

The SEO work we do for our clients here in Austin Texas is custom designed for each business. One size definitely does not fit all! Here is a list of just some of the items that we will take care of for you if you decide to work with us on your Austin SEO.

 SEO Austin work can include:

– Competitor research & monitoring

– Keyword & key phrase research & strategy

– Geographic targeting

– Link building strategies

– Link monitoring & management (broken links, “toxic” backlinks, etc)

– Site performance – speed checks & ongoing optimization

– Mobile responsivity and browser compliance

– External listing monitoring / alerts

– Sitewide metag maintenance

– XML sitemap & indexing maintenance

– Content editing & management

– Original content creation / guidance (coordinate with Client for new content – blogs will be important!)

– Landing page construction & maintenance

– Google listing monitoring

– Blog strategy & creation

– Image creation, optimization & insertion

– Ongoing consulting & strategy in cooperation with Client (be prepared – we will give you homework!)

SEO Austin Reports, analysis & strategy

We don’t waste your time with basic SEO checklists that are a bunch of obvious fluff. Rather, we concentrate on providing our clients with easily understood SEO Austin reports that accurately reflect what’s going on with your digital marketing efforts.

Included in your agreement:

– Monthly 20 minute Zoom / Google Meeting to touch base, address questions, plan for the upcoming month

– Quarterly performance reports, with strategy recommendations

– Quarterly 45 minute Zoom / Google Meeting to review reports and discuss strategy for upcoming quarter

Content is king when it comes to SEO!

A key aspect to an effective Austin SEO strategy is consistently creating and posting original, relevant content.  We will be asking you to help us by providing us with content that we can edit, adjust and use as part of our ongoing SEO Austin efforts.

Give us a shout! We’d love to help with your Austin SEO work.

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Do Keyword Meta Tags Help Your Austin Website’s SEO?

By SEO, Web Design

Austin SEO (search engine optimization) is a tricky, ever changing landscape. The algorithms and data sets used by Google, Bing and the other search engines are constantly adjusting to accommodate the vast amount of information circulating throughout the World Wide Wonderland. Our challenge as optimizers working to help our clients is to anticipate these adjustments as we maintain websites and tweak content and code to secure a solid corner where their SEO is earning them organic traffic that results in customers or sales.  I do have a theory as to how Google develops its ranking algorithms – read it at your leisure and see if you agree.

Do keyword meta tags help boost your Austin TX SEO ranking?

Clients assume, understandably, that keyword meta tags are the first thing to insert into the code of your website pages to start optimizing. When Google first was a thing (remember that??) keyword meta tags embedded in the code at the top of the each page were critical – they were heavily weighted by the search engines, as that was before the days of the millions of click-bait websites that now clutter up the information highway.

Ok, so keyword meta tags have a history of being highly important. The question is, do keyword meta tags help your search engine ranking nowadays?

The answer is: NO they don’t.

Back in 2009, Google officially announced something they had already implemented – “Google no longer uses keyword meta tags in web ranking.”

That same year, Yahoo announced the same thing – they would no longer use keyword meta tags as a factor when determine website rankings. Bing’s announcement didn’t completely disavow keyword meta tags but the reality is the same. Keyword metatags were so heavily abused they became obsolete in terms of content indicators.

So why do so many people still take the time to enter them in? Habit, for one. Also, theres a feeling of “but what if they’re just SAYING they don’t use them for ranking, but they actually DO!” Well, there’s that possibility I suppose. But think about how many zillions of websites are out there who over the years have stuck any old keyword in the meta tags trying to climb in rankings without containing relevant content. It makes complete sense that they are now useless. Also, I really don’t think Google is trying to pull the meta wool over our eyes, with this one at least. They’d rather developers spend more time working on SEO that actually indicates legitimate content, that’s what helps Google in the long run as they can deliver higher quality content to the end user.

Austin SEO metatags are important – just not KEYWORD tags!

Let me be clear, I am NOT saying that meta tags in general are useless – I’m just talking about KEYWORD meta tags. Title and description tags among others are absolutely critical when working on your site’s SEO. You definitely should design your SEO efforts around your target keywords and phrases and incorporate them as much as you can into the content of your site – just don’t waste any time messing around with keyword meta tags. Instead, use that time to improve other angles of your site!

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WordPress Website Facelifts – Easier Than Austin Design Firms Want you to Think!

By Web Design

Many folks think an Austin WordPress website redesign has to be an entirely new website – often, actually most of the time, this isn’t the case.

Austin WordPress redesign – easier than you think!

Especially when my Austin web design client is on a tight budget, there are many creative ways to update a website and make it look and feel brand-spankin’ new without changing much except the “Skin.” If it’s not necessary to change the structure of the site and you just need a rebranding, it is probably a much smaller job than you think!

WordPress websites in Austin don’t have to be expensive

As for cost – I have seen company after company fall for the same line from website design firms – “your website code is out of date, it needs to be rebuilt from scratch.” WRONG. This is almost never the case. Sure some code might need to be updated or infrastructure tweaks made, but  don’t let website design firms fool you into thinking you need to build an entirely new site when some code updates and graphic changes will achieve great results and a smoothly working website that is up to modern standards at a fraction of the cost.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself as you approach your website redesign project:


Are your customers and website visitors easily finding the information they came for? This is what I hear time and again from internet users: “Why did they change their site? Now I can’t find a thing!”

If your website already works great and you just want better branding, you are the perfect candidate for a website facelift. Ask your designer what they can do to leave the overall feel of the site intact and just improve the look.

If your website is confusing and not easy to navigate, this is the perfect time to look at restructuring the flow of your information and the page heirarchy. Remember – one click is always better than two!


What does your business card look like? Your brochure? If your customer is holding these things in their hands while looking at your website, it should all look like it came from the same company. Colors, logo, and font selections should match. Memorable branding across all your business collateral means your customers will remember your company before thinking of your competition! If you decide to update your website, make sure your cards and brochures match too. Doing them all at one time can be much more efficient and cost effective than tackling them one at a time, so plan ahead!


Do some market research! Find out what your closest competitors’ website design looks like and then BEAT IT! The first thing I do with a new client other than looking at their current site is to look at their competitor’s. I want my clients to win, hands down, when customers are comparing websites. This not only means a better looking website, but a better flowing website where information is easy to find!


This is the big one when deciding whether to facelift or overhaul your website design. I can help you take a look and decide what needs to change – but usually you can tell by yourself. Hint: most often it’s visual!

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Austin Digital Marketing -You Pollen, Customer Bee

By Social Media, Web Design

When you think of social media in Austin, it often feels like you’re stuck in one place, waiting for people to notice you. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

Use Austin Digital Marketing to attract customers!

You are like pollen, drawing bees to you – and the brighter your flower (your content), the quicker they come to snoop around. Even if they don’t actively pick you up, exposure is good – it sticks to their legs as they fly around, and if your flower was nice they’ll be back.

The goal is to get picked up by each of your visitors and carried back to their hive. To be one of the favorite brands of a customer is an honor and an accomplishment. Sure you can luck into it with a solid product and a good brand, but growth over a longer period of time takes careful marketing planning and execution to continue to be shared by all the bees buzzing around the garden of your city or neighborhood.

Think like a flower trying to get the attention of a bee.

Look Good!
In Austin digital marketing, Branding is key – you need to be memorable even if you only have a split second to make an impression. Without a solid brand and a cohesive strategy, people won’t remember which business they were looking at once they move on to the next. If you haven’t already, invest in developing a strong brand that carries throughout every single piece of material your customers will see – from storefront to product labels to color schemes inside your store t0 business cards and, of course, your website. Social media is part of this, too. Many people will see just a tiny square with your brand – make sure it represents you, and if they see a branded van rolling down the street with your catering crew inside, they should feel that spark of recognition “hey I’ve seen that catering company in my Twitter feed – I’m going to write down that number.”

Smell Good!
In social media with digital marketing in Austin there is big business in snark and dark comedy, but not for a small business. Keep it light and happy, and don’t complain. Even if it’s about traffic – you might think that makes your feed more human, but negativity in any form is not something you want associated with your brand. If you’re feeling stinky when you’re crafting a post, maybe save that one for later when you have a sweet smell again!

Be Flexible!
Move with the breeze. Each day put your finger in the wind of social media and see what people are talking about – if you’re creative, there’s a way to catch some of that wind in your sail! Many times there will be a word game circulating around, like one I saw today –


Make use of these tags to amuse your followers by not only playing the word game but pulling your brand into it too. You sell hardware? Put the lyrics to Sledgehammer. You clean houses? Quote a little Iron MAIDen. Get it? Customers love seeing you have fun with your brand, and it makes it memorable.

Remember, your customers WANT to carry you with them. Give them good reasons to do it.

Happy Digital Marketing, Austin!

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Facing Facebook in Small Business Digital Marketing Austin

By Graphic Design, Social Media, Web Design

Behind every Facebook user there is a story. Each is keeping a personal journal of sorts, marking events in their life and passing the time with friends as they browse their timeline on their laptop.

Successful Austin Digital Marketing with Facebook

Facebook is the success it is because it is a personal journey that each person can make their own. Your business Facebook presence is a part of this story. The trick is to make your posts just personal enough to fit in each user’s timeline without feeling too commercial, while keeping it surface enough to not intrude on their real life friendships. There’s nothing stranger than seeing a commercial Facebook account that seems like it’s trying to be everybody’s best friend in real life.

One of the ways I’ve found this can be done is to identify what it is about your company that made your followers “like” you in the first place. A strong brand presence is key, so they know who you are at a glance. A concise message, always – that’s marketing 101. But in most classic marketing materials, the personal connection is either forgotten or overlooked.

When does Facebook work for small businesses in Austin Digital Marketing?

If an Austin digital marketing visitor clicked like for your company, it’s usually because of one of two scenarios:

1) They have visited your shop, tried your product or service and had a positive experience


2) One of their friends recommended you

Either way there is a similar bar to overcome – they are giving you a chance to provide them another positive experience in their personal Facebook timeline, one that is pleasant enough to remind them to support your store or product in the future.

Posting what your Austin Texas store is doing that day or if you’re closing early on Thursday isn’t enough. Facebook users are looking for an emotional connection – you’ll notice on your own timeline the most “likes” are heaped on the posts that elicit an out-loud emotion. Laughter, tears and joy are three of the ovbious ones.

When something fabulous happens for you and your Austin TX business, POST IT!
If you landed a big account or a new distribution deal – share that with your fans! They love to share in your success, and feel the emotional boost that you got when you opened that letter or got that phone call.

Post lots of funny things that are connected with your business
If you’re a taco joint, post that it’s National Taco Day! Run a special on Pirate Day and post a picture of yourself wearing an eye patch with a parrot photoshopped on your shoulder, eating a taco. Your fans love to see you having fun at your place of business, because if somebody’s having fun it means they’re doing well and prospering.

Include some personal tidbits
Without oversharing, include some personal tidbits that serve to remind your fans that your business is homegrown and locally owned. When your in-laws come to town and have dinner at your restaurant, that’s the perfect opportunity to both make it personal and poke a little fun. “Even my in-laws love it here!”

When all else fails – pop culture makes it fun
When it’s a slow news day, simply go for an easy laugh. Photoshop a puppy holding your product and exclaiming out loud about it. Puppy and kitten pictures are the fuel of the internet – without them we would all perish.

Have fun with your Austin digital marketing!

Above all, have fun with your Facebook feed and your customers will feel it! That happy, feel-good connection is what will keep bringing them back again and again, and remind them to recommend you to their friends.

Happy Facebooking!

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WordPress Makes Life Easy for Austin Small Business

By Web Design

We are often asked by clients who come to us with older websites and are considering a move to a WordPress system what the benefits would be, so we thought we’d list a few of the “biggies” here.

In-House WordPress Austin Website Content Management

The big obvious benefit to establishing a WordPress platform for your Austin small business website is that it enables the website to be easily administrated internally, with minimal training. A variety of user security levels can be applied for different levels of access such as authors, editors and administrators, and when editing a page the system is much like editing a Microsoft Word document. Easy peasy!

Some Austin clients are so busy they prefer to have us perform updates on their behalf, but still like the idea of being able to “drive their own car” if they wish. Many clients will perform simple content updates themselves, and call on us when they have more complicated changes they need done. Companies who are still paying a web developer to perform simple page copy updates should definitely take a hard look at making a change.

When we do a website redesign for an Austin small business client, one-on-one training on the Austin WordPress system is always included. We can also travel to businesses to train groups on WordPress administration.

Austin WordPress: Reliable, Adaptable and Expandable

WordPress has proven to be a reliable system and is infinitely flexible and expandable. For designers, it’s a dream to work with because we can lay out amazing templates and rely on a strong infrastructure to hold our design together over time, producing easily navigable world-class websites that are affordable for our clients. Our clients are happy to know their new WordPress site can accommodate branding changes, marketing adjustments and other visual tweaks without ripping anything apart. Time and again we have seen clients with WordPress websites save thousands when confronted with the prospect of a major look and feel overhaul that with another system would be a nightmare to implement.

Mobile Friendly Responsive Small Business WordPress Website Layouts

You know those small business websites that have separate mobile systems? That costs as much as it sounds. There is no need to go to those lengths, as responsive websites become more prevalent and pre-packaged responsible themes are available for Austin WordPress systems. Beware, however – not all WordPress out-of-the-box themes are truly responsive. We work with our Austin small business clients to make sure that their site is truly responsive and compatible with mobile devices of any size.

We’re happy to answer your Austin WordPress questions – give us a shout!

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Is Your Site Mobile Friendly? Not sure? Here is how you check!

By SEO, Web Design, WordPress

Is your website mobile friendly? The majority of users coming to your site are likely on a mobile device, and if your website isn’t mobile friendly you could be losing business simply because the site doesn’t work properly. We have all experienced it, you visit a site on your phone and you have to scroll then tap and zoom just to be able to read the text.

Every website we produce here at HS Creative is optimized to work seamlessly on mobile devices.  While using a separate mobile friendly version is an option, we generally advise against this as it can lead to content inconsistencies, along with duplicate content that can hurt your search engine optimization (SEO).  In our experience it’s far better to build your site mobile friendly from the start, saving you a lot of time and headaches in the long run!

If you are not sure if your website is mobile-friendly, Google has a great tool to check your site called the Mobile Friendly Test.

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Water your Twitter Garden, with Austin Digital Marketing!

By Social Media, Web Design

Social Media can help your company in many ways, but one of the benefits that many marketers fail to recognize is that of getting to know your customers and their behavior better.

Digital Marketing Austin

Sure it’s great to have digital marketing success in Austin with a coupon campaign or receive a slew of retweets for a Twitter promotion, but when we think about long tail success with Austin digital marketing it’s all about understanding your customer base.

One of the mistakes people make on Twitter in particular is forgetting to explore. By searching the very hashtags you are using in your own posts you can find plenty of users out there interested in the same topics – and when you combine that with geo-regional tags you can drill right in to your own city, or even your own neighborhood.

When you find these glowing examples of likeminded neighbors, take a moment to explore who they are, who they follow, who they retweet and who they bash. If they look like a perfect customer, give them a friendly shout out – send an @ message agreeing with something they tweet, invite them to visit your shop, retweet something you agree with, sprinkle their timeline with faves, give them a follow if they look interesting or influential. Maybe they’ll return the favor! The loyalty of a new customer acquired through direct personal contact with your brand is definitely worth the two minutes it takes.

Maintain that Digital Marketing Connection

Once you’ve established the Austin digital marketing connection, maintain it! Keep a private list of “loyal customers” and regularly groom your list. Feeling special will bring those customers back time and again, and will keep your brand in their mind when they make recommendations to friends and family. A great way to maintain this connection is to glance at your “loyal customer” list timeline once a month or so and just send out a slew of friendly @ responses to posts that you also personally identify with. If somebody tweets “Beautiful day, fun time at the park with the grandkids!” tweet back, “we went to the park today too! Isn’t Austin the best this time of year?”

It’s just the sort of pleasant back and forth that so many feel is lacking in modern society – isn’t it funny that the technology brought to us by the social media boom is what is bringing it back.

This ongoing relationship is a special sort of communication that is still new – it lacks the face to face intensity of meeting somebody in person, but what it lacks in physicality it gains in the ease of communication. There is no awkwardness, the contact is fleeting enough to be comfortable yet personal enough to plant that golden seed of brand loyalty we are all working toward as marketers.

Tend your garden of potential customers thoughtfully and they will surprise you with the level of intimacy they will share with you. It all bends toward positive results – more customers, happier customers, loyal customers. That’s a win, in my book.

Have a Twitterific day!

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