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We partner with WP Engine to build fast, reliable, secure sites.

HS Creative clients receive a special WP Engine discount when signing up for a new WordPress hosting plan. WordPress is the most popular content management system in the world, powering digital experiences for small businesses to enterprises and everything in between. As it grows in popularity, new integrations are added to its open-source structure to make it even better every day. At the same time, hackers and bad actors are recognizing WordPress’ popularity and targeting it more and more. To stay competitive, you need to partner with a platform that not only provides best-in-class technology and lets you build fast, reliable sites; you need high-grade security, scalable infrastructure, and world-class support to keep your digital experience up and running, fast.

Specializing exclusively in WordPress, it provides the tools to build gorgeous WordPress sites fast, with integrated analytics and developer workflows. As a leading managed hosting provider, it provides fast load times, low latency, and a global content delivery network. Thanks to their long history with WordPress, it contributes regularly to thought leadership and helps build best practices for the entire online community. Plus, it allows for integrations with technology leaders across the globe to build the best possible platform for WordPress. When it comes to security, WP Engine has baked-in security features like core updates and security patches, plus add-ons like Global Edge Security to keep the most visible sites safer than ever.

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About WP Engine.

WP Engine is the world’s leading WordPress digital experience platform that gives enterprises and agencies the agility, performance, intelligence, and integrations they need to drive their business forward faster. WP Engine’s combination of tech innovation and an award-winning team of WordPress experts is trusted by over 60,000 companies across over 140 countries to provide counsel and support helps brands create world-class digital experiences.

Why we partner with WP Engine.

Whatever your digital needs are, we have established the right set of partners to deliver exceptional results. For WordPress-powered experiences, WP Engine is that partner. Working closely with their team, we have created the right experience for you as our valued client.

Special WP Engine Discount, WordPress Hosting, HS Creative


WP Engine gives us the tools we need to develop sites the way we want to. The partnership lets us spend valuable time on creative experiences instead of building technical resources.

Special WP Engine Discount, WordPress Hosting, HS Creative


Thanks to WP Engine’s integrations, we can build websites on Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud. We leverage global data centers and cloud coverage for fast-loading sites delivered to visitors around the world.

Special WP Engine Discount, WordPress Hosting, HS Creative


Access to award-winning 24/7 support with a less-than-three minute average response time for chat is invaluable. Technical onboarding and launch readiness assessments get sites as perfect as possible before launch.

WP Engine Platform solutions.

WP Engine equips you with a suite of agility, performance, intelligence, and integration solutions, so you can build and deploy a range of online experiences from campaign sites to content hubs to eCommerce extensions. Its platform is unified by powerful technology, award-winning service, and an ecosystem of partners and developers that expand the value you gain from all solutions.

Special WP Engine Discount, WordPress Hosting, HS Creative

Justify your creative agility solution.

52% of digital experience decision-makers say that agility and time to market are key challenges in meeting audiences’ rising expectations from digital experiences. The WP Engine platform gives you the agility you need to build quickly, manage effortlessly, personalize effectively, and publish rapidly. It integrates with the WordPress CMS, which means clients gain the flexibility of open source and access to the massive, global WordPress network of developers. Developers also gain unlimited workspaces to create new sites plus one-click tools to simplify staging, testing, and deployment. At the same time, marketers gain self-service content publishing for every level of expertise. The bottom line for our clients is faster time to market for new sites, campaigns, and communications.

Special WP Engine Discount, WordPress Hosting, HS Creative

Support your integration strategy.

The marketing technology landscape grew 40% year-over-year to 5,381 solutions in market in 2017, and has grown at over 80% CAGR since 2011. As the martech landscape continues to grow in size and complexity, you need an open framework like WordPress that easily integrates into your business’ martech stack. With over 50,000 plugins available, WordPress gives us the ability to build just about any integration or site. Add WP Engine’s digital platform and we have functionality from a number of tech partners without having to do the legwork. Let’s build the martech stack of your dreams.

Special WP Engine Discount, WordPress Hosting, HS Creative

Plan to win with faster sites.

According to a Google/SOASTA report, 40% of consumers will leave a page that takes longer than three seconds to load. And, 79% of shoppers who are dissatisfied with site performance are less likely to purchase from the site again. WP Engine’s technology improves site speed, while providing you the intelligence you need to make it even faster. WP Engine partners with Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform, two of the most forward-thinking cloud infrastructure partners in the industry, to deliver web experiences with lightning-fast site speed and scalability, plus enterprise-grade security and reliability so you have peace of mind that your sites stay a step ahead of the competition.

Special WP Engine Discount, WordPress Hosting, HS Creative

Deliver higher ROI on your digital experience.

According to a Forrester report, 58% of digital experience decision-makers cite analytics as an investment priority in the next year. Quickly and simply analyze how fast your WordPress site loads. Then, get deeper insights with application, content, and page performance from WP Engine’s Performance Intelligence suite. In order to capture audience attention in a fragmented landscape, developers need insights on front-end and back-end issues that can hinder site performance while marketers need daily insights to optimize consumer experiences. With WP Engine, clients can expect WordPress-specific insights and actionable recommendations, detailed site visit analysis, and opportunities for innovation and improvement.