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SEO Austin – Why does it take so long to work?

So many WordPress SEO digital marketing companies in Austin and elsewhere promise fast results, first page rankings, etc. etc. etc. Anybody who tells you those things is a scammer. Full stop. Period!

SEO Austin – Why does it take so long?

Excellent WordPress SEO work is a digital marketing investment that takes time and creativity, and is not a “wash and repeat” checklist effort. Effective SEO requires constant analysis, consistent ongoing effort, and an agile attitude. Client involvement in digital marketing is critical, as content creation is a key part of SEO work. If you work with HS Creative on your SEO, we will coordinate with you to develop strategies and create content that fits your company’s voice and yields measurable results.

Why does it take so long to see results from Austin SEO digital marketing?

Google, Bing and other search engines algorithms are constantly changing. We have many strategies that we use to get them to respond quickly to the changes and improvements we make on your site, but no SEO company can control the speed by which the engines respond. Some things that can affect the timing of your SEO results can include:

  • How long your domain has been registered
  • How long your website has been in existence can take longer to gain “cred” (redesigning an existing site is usually better than launching a new site with a different domain)
  • How long your business has been going
  • Where else your business is linked / featured/ listed online
  • How competitive your keywords goals are
  • The density and quality of your competition
  • Your geotargeting goals
  • The past health of your site (were you ever hacked? Was your site poorly built? these damage your site’s reputation and can take time to repair / regain the confidence of the search engines)
  • Have you been in non-compliance in the past?
  • Is your site mobile friendly and responsive?
  • Cross-browser compliance
  • Image optimization
  • The quality and relevance of your content
  • Metatag and xml sitemap health
  • Is your site download speed optimal?

There are countless additional factors that can effect how long your SEO will take to see measurable results, these are just a few! Give us a call, we are happy to audit your site and give you our recommendations.

Remember… SEO results take time

SEO digital marketing results are not instant. SEO Austin is a long term investment. The goal of course is to improve your website’s search engine rankings so you can rely on organic (free!) traffic to your website and subsequently reduce your paid ad spends. It is important to remember that this process is a marathon, not a sprint.

It can take many months for the search engines to start rewarding your site with improved rankings, especially if your site is new or does not have many pages to begin with. Be prepared! You may not see any differences for quite a while. Results are not guaranteed, and the timing for your investment to begin paying off is not easily predicted.

With that said, rest assured that your investment is a wise one – our track record speaks for itself! If you consistently follow the strategies produced during this process, with time we are confident that you WILL achieve your SEO goals!

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